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Exploring Kakariko Mansion!

so…. Link just LOVES running into peoples houses without permission, smashing all the pots, Taking all the rupees bombs and arrows he may find, and just making himself at home. But at least he cleans the kitchen before he leaves …

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~ Zeth of Hyrule

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Arguably the most important scene in the episode, because I think it says something basic about Korra’s personality that’s easy to forget now when she’s at her lowest. 

Korra loves bending.

She really, really does. This is the girl who walks into Republic City and goes toe to toe with bad guys in her spare time. The girl who learns about a new style of Earthbending from a no-named boy, says “woah cool!”, and jumps right into it. Who joins a probending team and, in one instance, single-handedly annihilates her competition. Who plays dirty in airscooter competitions. Who uses airbending to play fetch with her polar bear dog. Who thinks bending is fun.

After everything she’s been through, Korra’s sort of lost sight of the joy she used to get from a challenge- the joy she used to get from using her own strength and standing on her own two feet and facing an opponent head on. Here, though? We get to see that playful, determined side of her again.

At her core, she’s still the same girl she was. She just needs to rediscover the love she has for what she does.